You’ve never seen them like this!

Seeds_KesselerStuppyCheck out Seeds: Time Capsules of Life for a stunning look at one of nature’s marvels!

Thanks to Rob Kesseler and Wolfgang Stuppy in collaboration with Kew Royal Botanic Gardens for this titillating new look at seeds.

Below are some examples of the wacky and the wonderful. Enjoy!


Overview of the book

The authors begin with a look at how plant reproductive structures evolved into seeds and fruits (just imagine what a trip to the grocery store would look like without all those glorious colorful fruits and the vast selection of seeds!). Following this evolutionary flashback, we get to know the anatomy of seeds up close and personal, and the authors explain how these structures do the job of dispersing plant progeny to distant locations – important to reduce competition across generations, maintain genetic diversity, and healthy species range sizes. The book then veers into a crushing perspective on the fragility of rare and threatened species, but ends on a hopeful note detailing how the Millenium Seed Bank Project is collecting seeds to reconstitute the plant populations on which we depend. The photos throughout are vivid and show exceptional detail thanks to the scanning electron microscope technology and artistic enhancements (e.g., coloration) by Rob Kesseler.

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