Ever wonder what science is REALLY like?

Sometimes people ask me what it’s like to be a scientist as a girl. After I tell them I’m not, I like to shout at them anyway about income inequality and lack of childcare options.

But now I can save time and just direct people to this new educational video on ‘science – it’s a girl thing’.

Thanks European Commission for attracting more women, sorry, GIRLS, to science by showing them that if you can write letters on a board while wearing high heels, you’ll find a sugar daddy and never have to actually learn how to play with that icky chemically stuff (aside from the stuff you paint on your face, nails, hair, etc. etc.).

June 27 Update: Thanks to scathing reviews in the media, the video of models dancing around laughing and doing nothing related to science was replaced with an interview with an actual female PhD. Granted the interview is still rather vapid, but a vast improvement. Here, here! To see the original, check out The Telegraph’s article here.


2 thoughts on “Ever wonder what science is REALLY like?

  1. dave says:

    Dear European Commission,

    Instead of making the next video, can you please use the money to fund five female PhDs in my lab?


  2. Alex says:

    Are you kidding?!! With all the models and the absurd set you could probably fund an entire grad student cohort.

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