Scoop on the Met Gala 2012

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Everyone’s talking about the 2012 Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit… and why not?!  A world filled with suffering needs art and celebration. If you have no idea what the Met Costume Gala is, crawl out from your normal life already!  It’s the place where anyone who wants to be someone (perpetually awkwardly photographed) claws for the spotlight, wearing the most audacious outfits possible. Oh, and it also happened to showcase the brilliant works of Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada.

Want to see what everyone was on about, or at least what they had on? See huffpo’s nifty photo gallery here.  You can bitchily rate the worth of each person’s existence based solely on what they’re wearing or how much they ate for dinner.  You can laugh, cry, and say it was better than cats.  Or at least prove you’re a better person than me by not wanting to plug in Eva Mendes’ dress to see if the light bulbs on her t***s would glow.  Actually the dresses are quite interesting and worth a look.  To me, the boys all looked the same, as much as I enjoy variations on black.

A theme of the night that jumped out was “relationships”… from Anna Wintour alighting lesbian affair rumours with Bee Shaffer (not really) to the mutual brodoration of the Jonas brothers, and the endearing James Murphy with Christina Topsøe (yeah, I don’t know who they are either). Even Tebow’s knee had its soft red carpet.  Though Sarah Jessica Parker was quick to point out that the focus of the event was “celebrating discipline and skill”, the Jonas brothers helpfully added that she meant the skill of holding awkward poses for an extremely long time.

Kidding aside, as “news” outlets set to work eviscerating some and idolizing others, I just want to throw out to the universe that I thought everyone was really great.  Cliché or not, media exposure or not, I think supporting a good cause makes you all pretty swell.

To learn more about the Met’s amazing costume institute see here.


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