Reasons to pick up Jonah Lehrer’s new book “Imagine”…

Through his exploration of what drives creativity, Jonah shares some interesting approaches to solve sticky work problems requiring new insight:

Sleeping on the job. Literally. Relaxation primes the Anterior Superior Temporal Gyrus (fancy word for piece of brain mush by the right ear that helps make new thought connections). Apparently the half-asleep zone when you first wake up is prime. That excess relaxation time you have in the shower when you’re a single, childless, petless, workaholic who also refuses to shave her legs can also be golden.

Marijuana use. uh huh. Thanks to University College London researchers (who said they weren’t higher than Oxbridge?), we know that cannabis primes the mind to facilitate associations between distantly related concepts. Want to write songs like Bob Dylan? The writing’s on the weed. Shortchanging learning and memory may make you think twice though.

Reason to hate this book so far? The anti-caffeine pitch (supposedly it hinders ‘epiphanies’). Here’s an epiphany… a 12+ hour work day without a little java love is like an invitation to murder colleagues and family. It does help improve focus to a point but perhaps if you can convince your boss to install a ‘work shower’ with cannabis steam sauna you won’t need it.

I wonder if they’ve done that at Google yet?

Lehrer, Jonah (2012). Imagine: How Creativity Works (Kindle Locations 5185-5188). Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Kindle Edition.


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