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This will spider monkey into your heart!

Cheers to the Arcas Wildlife Rescue Sanctuary in Guatemala for sharing this clip. And yes, he’s clutching a teddy bear!


Funny representations of Schrödinger’s Cat

Learn about Schrödinger’s Cat in 60 seconds here:

Tales behind the ‘tail’: what fairytale princesses really teach our kids

Who doesn’t like a good Disney flick? Especially the classics! But consider the messages we’re sending to our kids.

It’s time to send Disney a message that we need better stories by supporting different kinds of films. Here’s hoping that Pixar’s influence in “Brave” inspires young girls to do more than find a baby-making facilitator. (teaser below)

BRAVE film teaser:

Wildly cool photos of dew drop covered bugs

Ondrej Pakan willingly stands in the rain so he can capture water dancing on insects with his camera.

These mega macro photos of dew covered bugs are weird and strikingly beautiful. Coolest desktop images ever?

But you don’t need a camera to be surprised by how many species, forms and colors exist in this kingdom. Just start taking notice of what’s around you.

To see more of Pakan’s incredible work, check out his website here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Escape from suburbia

People sometimes ask why I moved away from home…

Then I ask them why they still live in strip mall hell.

They weren’t even fighting for a parking spot.

They just wanted something to do and spontaneous parking lot rodeo was their best idea.

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